Battery operated underground timer General Knowledge

If you are looking for information on the battery-operated underground timer that Orbit offers, then this article should have some helpful information.

What valves do I need to work with a 57860 Battery Operated Underground Timer? (57860) – Any plastic Orbit valve will work. Customer will need to replace the existing solenoid with the 57861 solenoid. The 57861 comes with a rotational adapter (04023) – if the existing solenoid/valve doesn’t use a rotational adapter, the customer should remove it from the 57861, and if it does come with one, the customer can use the one on the 57861, or the one on the valve. Leaving the rotational adapter on when not needed could cause the 57861 to not fit perfectly on the valve.

How many valves can a single battery-operated timer control? (57860)  – One timer can control up to 4 valves.

How many batteries does the timer use (57860) – It uses 3 double-A batteries.

Can I have the timer away from the actual valve, instead of having it attached? (57860) – To locate timer away from valves, solenoid leads can be extended up to 100’ by cutting solenoid wires and splicing in the amount of 18 gauge wire that’s needed.

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