Flume Compatability

Flume Compatibility

Works With 95% of Water Meters

In order to install Flume you must have the following:

  • A water meter

  • A Wifi connection

  • An android or iOS phone or tablet

The Sensor works on both outside and indoor water meters within 1000ft reach of the Flume Bridge and is compatible with most water meters used in the United States today. However, you should check to see if your meter is compatible before you purchase a Flume device. The following water meters are NOT compatible with our water sensor:

  • E-Series

  • iPerl

  • Master Meter (1 inch and above)

To determine the type of meter you have, you can look on the dial of the water meter. If you have questions, please visit the Flume online. Flume is only licensed for use in the United States. We will not be responsible for support for use outside of the U.S.

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