Hose Faucet Timer Failed Firmware Update

To address this issue, we’d recommend confirming the B-hyve application on your phone/tablet is up to date, and updating it if not. To check, simply go to the Android or Apple App store and search B-hyve. If you have a button that says “Update”, click on that to update. Otherwise, your app is up to date.

You’ll also want to have the Hose Timer in your possession for these steps as proximity to the device is crucial for firmware updates.

After confirming the B-hyve app is up to date, please remove the battery tray from the Hose Timer, and reinsert it after 15-20 seconds. Then reset the device by pressing the B-hyve button five times.

Once reset, open the B-hyve app and follow directions when choosing to add a new device. If you continue to experience an issue, try repeating the previous steps with another phone or tablet. If that still does not work, click here to begin the warranty process.