Hose Timer General Knowledge

This article contains some general information on Orbit’s hose timers and their specs.

What is the working pressure of hose timers? – 5-100 PSI

What is the flow rate of hose timers? – 2.7-18 GPM

What type of batteries do our hose timers need? – Battery-operated timers require 2 X 1.5 v Batteries, and we recommend using Alkaline batteries.

When does the timer stop working due to batteries not having enough power? – Once the voltage of the batteries is at 2.8VDC the low battery symbol comes on. The timer will not work once the batteries get to 2.6VDC.

Do hose timers have a backflow preventer? – Hose End Timers do not have a backflow preventer. You would need to install an Anti-siphon Valve on the hose end.

Is freeze damage covered under warranty? – Freeze damage is not covered under our warranty.

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