How do I set Smart Watering watering restrictions?

Watering Restrictions

Watering Restrictions can be set to not allow the Smart Watering Program(s) to water on specified days and during specified hours of the day. Note: Watering Restrictions only apply to Smart Watering Programs, any Custom Programs you have set to run will still run at their scheduled times and days.

To enable/disable Watering Restrictions

  1. From the “Home” screen press the “My B-hyve” button in the bottom right of the App.
  2. From the “My B-hyve” screen press the “Devices” menu option.
  3. From the “Devices” screen select the Timer you want to set watering restrictions for.
  4. From the Timer screen select the “Smart Watering Restrictions” menu option
  5. Unless otherwise enabled during the initial setup Watering Restrictions will be turned off. Toggle the switch to On.
  6. Watering restrictions can be set by day, even or odd days, and if set a time of, say, to not water (typically a time period during the middle of the day). Enable watering restrictions for specified days by selecting the days you don’t want to water on, day turns red with an “X” through it, days with green checks will water as scheduled. Only want to water on Even calendar days?
    • Toggle the switch for “Even” to On. Only want to water on Odd calendar days?
    • Toggle the switch for “Odd” to On. Watering Restrictions can apply to days and/or times of day as well.
    • To set the time of day you don’t want to water set a Start Time and End Time.
    • Set the restriction Start Hour and Minute. Set the restriction End Hour and Minute.
    • Once Smart Watering Restrictions are set to use the navigation arrow near the top left of the app to return to the Home screen.

Smart Watering Restrictions have now been set and all Smart Watering Programs will avoid watering during restricted days & times.

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