How many start times can my B-hyve timer have?

This article will go over the total amount of start times our B-hyve timers will allow based on the device. 

If you have the following devices then you will have 16 start times per day, as each of these devices has 4 programs (ABCD), and each program can have 4 individual start times

– B-hyve Indoor/outdoor timer

– B-hyve XR

– B-hyve Indoor Timer

– B-hyve XD

If you have the “B-hyve hose timer” then this total number of start times changes to 12, as this timer only has 3 programs (ABC), and each program can have 4 individual start times.

*Note: If using multiple start times, you want to make sure that the start times and the run times within those start times do not interfere with each other, as this will cause the programming to either continue running or not run at all. Each start time in a program will run all zones with run times, so if you have more than one start time, the program will run additional times.

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