How to Disable the Automatic Rain Delay

If you want to disable the Automatic Rain Delay feature for your B-hyve timer, then these steps will show you how to do that.

  1. Open the B-hyve application
  2. Tap My “B-hyve”
  3. Tap “Devices”
  4. Select the timer you wish to remove Automatic Rain Delay From
  5. Turn “Smart Watering” off, on Androids this will say “Weather Delays”
  6. Now your Automatic Rain delay will be turned off


Additional Notes

With or without the Smart Watering feature enabled, the option to add a manual rain delay will still be an option on the lower center of the Home Screen in the B-hyve Application.This option is to create a manual rain delay if needed, and does not mean that the Automatic Rain Delay is still on.

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