How To Discover Your WiFi Network – B-hyve XR Smart Watering Timer

During the pairing process, you have to connect your phone/tablet to your B-hyve devices network. Most of our devices use a Bluetooth Connection for this step.

Ensure your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is turned on, and that you are within Bluetooth distance from your B-hyve device.

If you see a message that it can’t locate your device when trying to pair to it, you’ll want to place your B-hyve device back in pairing mode. You can do that by pressing the B-hyve button 5 times and then try again to find the device. You can tell the device is in pairing mode by the pulsating blue light, as well as the left segment showing “Pairing”

If you are still not successful in finding your device, you will want to try rebooting your phone/tablet and try the connection process from a different phone/tablet.

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