How to prepare your Hose Faucet Timer for winter

If you are in an area that freezes during the winter months, or if you don’t need to water at this time, we recommend removing all Hose Faucet timers, hoses, and any hose attachments, and storing them in a warm, dry location during the winter months.

You’ll also want to drain them of any water. Oftentimes, simply holding these up and shaking them out will get the water out.

For Hose Faucet timers, remove the batteries. You’re not going to be using the timers, so no need to needlessly drain the batteries!

If you have a B-hyve device, it should be placed in the “Off” mode:

1. On your B-hyve app, tap My B-hyve in the bottom right corner

2. Tap Devices followed by selecting your B-hyve device

3. You should now see an option that says “Timer Run Mode” – Tap Off

The B-hyve device will retain the programming, but not run any of the programs until it is returned to the Auto position.


We don’t recommend unplugging or removing the batteries from your B-hyve device during the season while in consistent use – we push periodic updates, and if unplugged, the B-hyve device won’t be able to receive them.

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