How to Program the 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

If you are looking for instructions on programming your Orbit 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, then this article should help with getting everything set up.

Initial Setup

Slide MODE switch to OFF

  1. While holding the RESET button press SET, “offset” will appear on the display.

Note: Do not hold the reset button for more

than five seconds.

Press the buttons quickly, one then the other. Make sure you’re holding the reset button firmly, straight down.

  1. Press up and down to change the Offset.

  2. Press Set

  3. Press up and down to change Early Start from Off to On as desired

  4. Press Set

  5. Press up and down to toggle from HP(Heat Pump) to F(furnace) as applicable

  6. Press Set to be taken back to the main screen

Setting the Time

  1. Slide MODE switch to OFF

  2. Press Set from the main screen to change the current time

  3. Press up and Down to change the time. Hold to make it go faster. It’ll loop around for AM/PM


Setting the Schedule for a day

  1. Slide the Mode Switch to Heat to set up a heater schedule or Cool to set up an AC schedule

  2. Slide the fan to Auto Fan or Fan On(to run continuously)

  3. Press Set

  4. Use up and down to move to a day you want to start programming. The selected one will blink

  5. Press Set to choose a day

  6. Wake will show on the bottom center and the time will flash. Use the arrows to set it and press Set

  7. The temperature will flash. Use the arrows to set it and press Set

  8. Leave will show on the bottom center of the screen. Set the time you leave for the day, press Set, then the temperature you would like while you’re gone and press Set

  9. Return will show at the bottom center of the screen. Program for when you return home

  10. Sleep will show at the bottom center of the screen. Program for during sleeping hours.

To make a complete program:

  1. Slide the Mode Switch to Cool and program all days

  2. Slide the Mode Switch to Heat and program all days

  3. If all days or multiple days are the same, you can use the Copy Function

Copying Days

  1. Slide the Mode Switch to Heat or Cool to access your preprogrammed schedule

  2. Press Set

  3. Press down to get to Copy. When Copy is flashing, press Set

  4. Copy will turn into copy from. Select the day you have programmed and would like to copy and press Set

  5. Copy from will turn into Copy to. Select the day you wish to have set in the same way and press Set. OR go to the end of the days selections and select all. Press Set

Modifying a Program

  1. Follow steps for setting a schedule for a day

  2. Press Set to accept anything you do not wish to change and follow scheduling steps for what you want to change.

Turning off Schedules

Temporary Override

  1. Press the arrows to change the set temperature. Temporary will appear on the lower right corner of the screen. This will keep until the next program change time or until RUN is pressed

  2. “temporary” will appear on the lower right corner of the screen, under the time.

  3. The thermostat will stay in this mode until the next program change or until RUN is pressed

System HOLD

  1. Press HOLD

  2. “hold” will appear under the degrees symbol

  3. Use the arrows to change the set temperature.

  4. Press RUN to return to programming. Otherwise, temperature will stay until changed

Manual Mode

  1. Press HOLD for 5 seconds.

  2. “man.” will show under the degrees symbol

  3. The thermostat is now a normal thermostat and will only accept temperature adjustments.

  4. Press RUN for 5 seconds to return to normal programming

Special Functions

Flashing icicle or flame – This is automatic and prevents the compressor from cycling off to on too quickly. See page 31

Early Start – The thermostat will have the house cooled/heated to the desired temperature by the program start time rather than starting to heat/cool at the start time

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