How to troubleshoot connection issues – B-hyve Hub & Flood Sensors

This article will go over several scenarios to help find out what connection issue you may be seeing, and then help direct you to the most relevant article to help identify and solve the problem.

If you are saying the following:

  • “I can’t connect to my Hub”
  • “My flood sensors have gone offline”
  • “I’m having trouble pairing with the Hub”

Then you should ask the following questions:

What type of B-hyve device are you trying to connect to the Wi-Fi Hub? If you are talking about a hose timer, then you will want to check out Pairing Hose Timer and Hub.

If you are talking about a Flood Sensor, then you want to ask “Has the Hub been connected to the Flood Sensors previously?” If you answer No, then you will want to check out Pairing Flood Sensors and Hub. If you answer Yes, then you will want to check out Reconnecting Flood Sensors and Hub“.

Next, here are some tips for general troubleshooting with our B-hyve devices:

  • A common Wi-Fi connectivity issue is the password has not been entered or updated when connecting to a secured network. (Nearly 80% of our connection-related issues run into this being an issue)
  • Check if the customer has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Most Orbit products do not communicate with 5 GHz networks (the exception to this, being our B-hyve XR model that can use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks), and blended networks can cause issues.
  • Ensure the customer has Bluetooth enabled on their phone or tablet.
  • Sometimes, other Bluetooth devices can cause issues in pairing. Try turning off any other Bluetooth devices (such as speakers or earphones) while pairing.

Lastly, should you not find the issue you are having or do not see anything related to that issue then please reach out to our Customer Care Team, or search our Help Center to see if there are any other articles for what you are seeing.

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