How to troubleshoot “No AC” on your Easy Dial Timer

What does No AC mean?

Alternating current is how homes and buildings are wired. No AC stands for No Alternating Current.  In other words, there is a problem with the electricity in or out of your timer.

“No AC” Show Solid

Let’s plug something else into the outlet to make sure it is working.  Blow dryer, lamp, radio, or something similar.

  • If your outlet is not working, you’ll need to replace the outlet. We recommend contacting a contractor.
  • Now check the transformer:
  • Make sure it is plugged into the working outlet.
  • The other end of the transformer clips on to the bottom of the timer terminal.
  • Please make sure this is connected firmly.
  • If the “No AC” message did not go away, the timer will need to be replaced. Click here to begin our warranty replacement process.


“No AC” Flashes

If the timer shows the station is still running, remove the wire from the COM terminal, and the terminal station wire for whichever station is active on the display.

  • If “No AC” disappeared from the display, then there is either a short in that outgoing station line or you have a bad solenoid.  You will need to check both and take action to repair or replace. If you have Orbit valves and would like instruction on how to test them, please see Orbit valve troubleshooting.  Otherwise, please contact a trained irrigation contractor for assistance. Once the wiring or solenoid issue has been repaired, the NO AC message will disappear from the timer display. Your system will then operate as programmed.
  • If the “No AC” remains flashing on the display, then the problem lies within the timer itself and it will need to be replace. Click here to begin the warranty replacement process.
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