No Option to Move to Device Group for Hose Timer

If you are trying to move your B-hyve Hose Timer to the device group of another device, and you are not seeing the option please try the following steps.

From the “Home” page of the B-hyve app select the “My B-hyve” button. Then select “Devices”. Now you should be able to find your hose timer and select it. Once you have it selected scroll down until you see the “Deauthorize Device” option. This will remove the timer from your account and require you to add it back as a new device.

Once you have removed the timer you will need to put the timer into its pairing mode. You can do this by pressing the B-hyve button on the front of the timer 5 times. It should then start blinking blue, and this means it is in pairing mode. 

Then open the app and add the timer as a new device. If your WiFi hub and hose timer were the only devices on your account then you should immediately be asked to add a new device. Select that option and then choose to add just the B-hyve Hose Timer (The hub will still be on the device so you will not need to add it again).

If you had other devices on your account, then once on the “Home Page” of the app, select “My B-hyve” and then select “Devices”. Then you can select the “Add a device” option and choose “New Device”. From there you can add the Hose timer and follow the steps.

Should you continue to run into any issues please reach out to our Customer Care team by clicking here.

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