Notifications for rain delays and watering events

Notifications will alert you of the following events:

  • a rain delay is set
  • a rain delay is suggested
  • watering has completed
  • there is a freeze warning
  • there has been a timer fault
  • your device has been set to OFF

Notifications are set and sent based on the account you are currently logged in to, regardless of the timers associated with the account.

Rain Delay Notifications- Smart Watering Enabled

Rain delays will be automatically set for you, the notification will tell you that a rain delay was set and give you the option to override it.

Smart Watering Disabled

Rain delays will not be automatically set for you, the notification will suggest that you set a rain delay and give you a button to do so.

Watering Complete Notifications

You will receive a push notification when a program has finished running.

Freeze Warning Notifications

You will receive a push notification if the outside temperature is cold enough to potentially freeze your zones if they get watered.

Timer Fault Notifications

If your timer encounters any problems while trying to run a program, a push notification will be sent to your mobile device.

Possible timer problems include:

  • communication errors
  • rusted wires

Device Off Notifications

You will receive a Device Off notification when your timer has been set to OFF.


Ways your timer can be set to off:

  • manually
  • automatically by the B-Hyve app on the date specified on the System Off date

Enable / Disable Notifications Go to Settings > Notifications. Enable / Disable Notifications Select the notifications you want to receive.

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