Orbit Sprinkler System Designer – unexpected error

If you are using the Orbit Sprinkler System Designer and are running into an unexpected error, then this article should be able to help with that.

Normally when this happens, it is because there is an error with the design. The most common reasons are:

– Not having a lot placed (in order for any system to work, the lot must be placed. Even if you uploaded an image to the designer that shows where your grass is, you will still need to add the lot and make it fit the dimensions of your yard)

– You do not have a connection assembly added to the design

– You do not have a timer placed correctly

– Your design includes tight spaces (having tight spaces in your design can confuse the designer. Since the designer wants to water as much of the lot as possible, it will not know what to do with these areas and cause an unexpected error. We recommend covering any tight spaces that would not require watering with a non- watered feature to prevent the system from trying to place heads/piping there)

– You do not have the system information entered incorrectly, or the system detects that the pressure is not sufficient

If after checking the potential causes above you still have trouble with the unexpected error, please click here to reach our Customer Care Team.

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