Pairing Your B-hyve Hose Timer and Hub

This article will help with pairing your B-hyve hose timer and hub to your B-hyve app and home WiFi network.

Before we begin let’s take a look at some of the requirements of the B-hyve WiFi Hub:

  • You should download and run the OrbitAssist application using the steps found here to make sure your WiFi network is configured to work best with the B-hyve timer
  • Before plugging your WiFi Hub in, write down the MAC ID of your Wifi Hub (listed just under the barcode on the back of your WiFi Hub)
  • Find a good spot to plug in your B-Hyve WiFi Hub indoors, it is not designed for outdoor use.
  • The B-hyve WiFi Hub will need to be plugged in within about 50 feet of the router or access point.
  • The B-hyve requires a 2.4 GHz wireless network. Blended networks may cause issues.
  • Phones or tablets used to operate the WiFi Hub requires a Bluetooth 4.0 or higher rating
  • The WiFi Hub will need to be in pairing mode (the light will be blinking blue) in order to pair. To put it in pairing mode, press the B-hyve Button 5 times.


Select “This is a new device”

Select – Hose Faucet Timer + Hub 

Follow instructions on the series of screens  

Match Your Wifi hub’s MAC to the listed MAC in the app 

If you found a Wifi Hub with a different MAC address, tap “This is not my device”.

If it did not find your Wifi Hub, perform a factory reset by pushing the B-Hyve Button 5 times and try again. 

Select your Wifi and type your password

Note: This may take up to 2 minutes to connect 

Once paired, input your location. At least a postal code is required.

Naming the device and adding a picture is optional

Next, you’ll pair your timer

Match Your Hose Faucet Timer’s MAC to the listed MAC in the app 

If you found a timer with a different MAC address, tap “This is not my device”.

If it did not find your timer, perform a power cycle by removing the battery pack for 3-5 seconds, and then re-inserting the battery pack. Then, factory reset by pushing the B-Hyve Button 5 times and try again.

Next, connect the timer to WiFi by selecting the device group you wish to connect to.

Note: If you only have a Wi-Fi Hub, this will be your only option. 

Input your address. The address will match the address you input for the Hub. At least a zip code is required

Now you can add a picture and name the device


Power cycle the Wifi Hub

  • Simply unplug it from the outlet, wait 3 seconds, and then plug it back in

Change locations

  • Move your Wifi Hub closer to your router

If you’re having troubles connecting your timer to your Wifi Hub:

  • Make sure your Wifi Hub is in pairing mode. Press the B-hyve button 5 times to put it back into pairing mode. Pairing mode is indicated by a flashing blue light
  • Make sure your timer has fresh AA alkaline batteries
  • Make sure your timer is mounted within about 50 feet of your Wifi Hub.
  • Make sure the MAC ID of the timer is matching the MAC ID listed in your app

Router Settings

If you are having issues connecting your Wifi Hub to your router, you may need to change a few settings of your router settings

  • Firewall – High firewall settings can prevent communications with the B-hyve server
  • MAC Filtering – If this is on, your router will block your Wifi Hub from connecting
  • DNS Settings – We recommend using the public Google DNS settings ( &

If you’re having issues getting it paired, here are a few things you can try:

Make sure your router is broadcasting a 2.4 GHz network 

  • Your B-hyve device doesn’t communicate with 5 GHz networks, and blended networks can cause issues. If you’re using a blended network, please separate the 2.4 GHz and have it set up with its own SSID (if you’re not sure how to do this, please reach out to your Internet Service Provider and/or your router’s manufacturer).

Try moving your B-hyve device closer to your router for pairing 

  • Walls, doors, and other electronics can cause issues, make sure your B-hyve device isn’t passing through too many of these.

Reboot your router, B-hyve device, and your phone/tablet 

  • Often, a quick power cycle of your router, B-hyve device, and your phone or tablet can resolve this. Simply unplug your router and your B-hyve device for 30 seconds, and then plug them back in. As for your phone, just power it off and back on. Once your router is broadcasting a signal again, and your phone is back on, try opening the app and start the pairing process once more.

Make sure your device is in pairing mode

  • To do that, simply press the B-hyve button 5 times on each device. The light will begin flashing blue
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