Personal Weather Station Requirements for B-Hyve

Look here for information on using a personal weather station for Smart Watering on your B-hyve timer.

B-hyve can use data from personal weather stations that are able to report to  They have an excellent FAQ section that lists compatible programs and a few compatible devices.

As devices, manufacturers, and program requirements change, we can’t recommend a particular weather station that is best for using with pwsweather.  When shopping around, look out for devices that advertise compatibility with pwsweather. If you like a particular program or piece of software that is compatible with pwsweather, the software may also list weather stations that it is compatible with.

Once you’re able to find your weather station on the pwsweather search, your weather station should show up in the B-hyve app.  You can choose a weather station in Device Details for your timer, or check out this article for more information.  Your weather station should show up with “PWS_” in front of its name.  If you don’t see it, make sure that the location for your B-hyve device is as close as possible to where the weather station appears on pwsweather.  It may also be a good idea to restart your app or clear the app cache to make sure you’re looking at the latest map available.

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