Pressure Regulated Sprinkler date code

Our Orbit pressure-regulated sprinklers have a date code that indicates when the sprinklers were made and tested.

The marking can be found on the bottom of the sprinkler and consists of two numbers on either side of an arrow that indicates the year. The arrow points to the month and is shown as numbers, corresponding to the month of the year.

In the line drawing below, the arrow points to 12, December, and has a 1 and a 5 beside it. Those numbers mean that it is from December of 2015.

For example, the sprinkler below is from March of 2020.



Other useful information:

Pressure-regulating spray heads are factory-set to regulate to 30 psi. 30 psi is best for most nozzles.

The regulator can be switched to regulate to 40 psi which is better for rotary nozzles. You can do this by turning the screw at the bottom of the pressure regulator.

The maximum inlet pressure is 70 psi.

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