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Well – looks like I spoke too soon. There is definitely an issue with the BHyve Timer. As noted, last night I did a test with my new Hunter MiniClick Rain Sensor. I let water run through it for 5 minutes and tested it directly to the timer – worked fine and as expected (both timer and app indicated program suspended due to rain sensor). Then I installed it outside, permanently and re-tested – still worked fine and as expected. That was about 8pm last night. I had an automatic program set for 4:30am this morning. When I awoke at 5:45am I come to see my timer going on and off repeatedly – which clearly had been happening for the past 105 minutes! So apparently when the rain sensor begins to dry up, the switch inside doesn’t do a full release. Forgive me as I’m not an electrician, but there is some type of continuity or resistance that is coming through the wire to the BHyve timer and causing confusion. Seems that the BHyve is expecting a clear on or off signal and programmed that way. However the MiniClick doesn’t seem to work that way. Perhaps the Orbit brand rain sensor works differently, but the reviews online weren’t that kind to the Orbit brand sensor and my older Hunter MiniClick lasted for 14 years so I bought another one. That’s a popular brand rain sensor and Orbit needs to make sure their timer works with it.

Tech Support – please purchase the Hunter MiniClick and do testing with it as this will doom your timer for anyone that has a rain sensor that doesn’t have a clear on / off. I’m certainly willing to help do any testing you need.

Thanks, Craig

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