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@timb Thank you for all of this feedback, I”m sorry it has taken so long to get a response from us.

1. This option is currently in the app. If you go to zones, you can adjust the soil moisture for each zone individually. Simply click on the soil moisture circle and it’ll allow you to adjust. When the timer recalculates at night, it double checks the amount of rainfall you received that day and implements it into your algorithm.

2. As of right now, the only way this is done is by sending a manual rain delay command or a manual watering command. I can suggest to the devs team to implement a test connection button.

3. Its possible this was firmware related, please let me know of your MAC address and I can look into this some more.

4. We are working on getting a notification for the rain sensor set up, but I will pass the other suggestions on to my developers.

5. The timer will detect shorts in the solenoids or wiring. It will not detect if there is no wire attached to it (orbit timers have never done this). The timer allows so many mA out of each terminal, and if a solenoid tries to pull more than allowed by the timer, the timer will trigger a fault.

6. You can accomplish this right now by setting up separate programs. This may not be the easiest and best way to do this, but I see what you’re requesting and I can pass that on to my dev team as well.

7. I will suggest this as well.

Thank you for all of your suggestions, these are great and this is how we improve our product, and in turn, our company.

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