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I have a B-Hyve Hub (BH1-0001) with 4 faucet timers (HT25-0000) and started seeing this problem about a week ago. That is, the faucets do not seem to run per schedule, and when I try to force them to run manually, I get error “Device is taking too long to respond”.

Here are my MACs:

BH1-0001 : 44:67:55:20:27:BE
HT25-0000: 44:67:55:10:62:12
HT25-0000: 44:67:55:10:A8:F4
HT25-0000: 44:67:55:10:A7:DD
HT25-0000: 44:67:55:10:AC:30

This is my vacation home and the faucets haven’t been running for a week.

And even when they were running (according to the app, at least), the push notifications to the phone was all over the map. Often I got 3 push notifications with the same timestamp when a faucet run once. It became so annoying that I had to disable notification from this app altogether. And then when it stopped running, I didn’t notice the issue until a week later.

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