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Hi Ryan,

I appreciate the response!! I also want to mention I’m very happy with the app version of your software. But I like to use my computer, so the web interface is important to me. The link you gave me is for a beta site that also has a lot of bugs.

For instance, my back controller is set to run two programs. If I look at the screen for just the back controller, I see that one of the two active programs says “pending” while the other active program says “enabled.” What is the difference between “pending” and “enabled”? This is very confusing. Sometimes it flips from one to the other, which makes me wonder what the significance of that is.

Also, the view of the front controller shows all the programs (front and back) and lists all as pending, not enabled. The back controller view only shows the back controller programs, and not also the front. You get the idea…this is still pretty beta.

I’m ok running the front controller off the production web interface (and the rear controller off an app), and I understand the production web interface is not yet enabled to control a second timer, but it seems to me like the production interface shouldn’t get confused by the presence of a second controller. I am a part-time web developer, so I think this should be pretty easy to fix if you make the back-end server pull the info using the right key in the database.


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