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Chiming in on the irrigation design side of the question.

Standard spray heads and standard rotor heads are not normally combined in a single irrigation zone. They have vastly different precipitation rates, with the standard spray heads typically putting much more water down (3 – 4 X inches/hour rate) than standard rotors. Best way to think about it is that spray heads, even with a lower GPM rating, water their coverage area 100% of the time where a rotor head only hits a specific spot on its coverage area once per pass.

Now, there are newer spray heads on the market designed to match or approach rotor precipitation rates. The MP Rotator from Hunter being one such head. With those, it is possible to mix or to add a spray head into a rotor zone to hit a dry spot. Those types of heads send out small streams of water versus a wide spray. They act like a rotor, even though they are a pop up spray. Hope this helps.

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