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Hi Ryan, under smart details the estimated duration is currently 239 minutes, with an interval for June of (4). After reading the help document and finding the calculation for MAXRT = (60 x ASA) / (AR – BIR), I made some manual edits to advanced details. Original values were AR = 0.14 in/hr, BIR = 0.15 in/hr, ASA 0.23 in. I believe the cause of my problem was that AR was less than BIR resulting in a negative number. I manually changed my AR from 0.14 to 0.16 and now the MAXRT is 1379 min. I think this should help my issue of the smart watering limiting duration to 1 minute. Perhaps b-hyve should consider modifying their algorithm such that if AR is less than BIR the MAXRT value is simply written with 9999 or some other large and out of the way number. I would be willing to bet that a number of the other folks on this forum having problems with 1 minute run times are suffering from the same low application rate issue that I was on this zone.

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