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@Boolah, everything seems to be fine with your system. Smart watering will usually break the watering period into shorter segments. It sounds like you will want to edit each zones watering schedule adjustments page. Which is found under smart details. In that setting It will have two slide bars. the Runtime adjustment slide bar will change the runtime witch is displayed above under estimated duration. Currently your zone 1 shows 1:12 which would be an hour and 12 min. The interval Adjustment will adjust the amount of days in between each scheduled watering. This will be displayed under estimated intervals in a calendar format. Showing you how many days between each scheduled watering day for each month. Your zone 1 currently shows 5 days between each watering for the month of June. You may need to adjust it a couple of times before it shows exactly the settings that you’d like. Once set the new settings will become your standard or your 0%/middle mark on your slide bars, for the next time you enter this setting. Please just let us know if you have any further questions, or are in need of any other assistance. we’d be happy to help!

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