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Josh Wheeler


Hello, I’ll give this my best shot, hope I understand your question and situation correctly.

The 24V terminal is a constant power output, so, as long as you have something connected to it it will be powered on, if that’s what you want then that’s fine.

Otherwise, I’d use the Com(mon) as you mention and the Station 1 port instead, this will only send 24V to the connected device when Station 1 is activated, thus giving you the scheduling effect.

When you create your custom program you can have up to four start times with as much time between them as you want.

You also have 3 (or 4 on newer timers) programming slots (A,B,C (D)) so you can have four start times across 3 or four programs, this is probably more than you asked for but I guess what I am saying is you have a lot of options for days of the week, time of day and variations of those with the custom programs.

Hope this answers your question, if not let us know and we’ll get more help. ­čśë

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