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Josh Wheeler

All on this thread,

We have some firmware upgrades that we’re testing, we can upgrade your timers to the most recent as possible, we just need your timer’s MAC Address or the last six digits at least. Eventually the update will roll out to everyone automatically so you do not have to request it to get it if you don’t mind waiting.

Here’s what I’m seeing with these latest versions.

The Timer and the App both report the Sensor Delay fine, however, it only is reported once a program tries to run. It’s not ideal but hopefully it’s better enough for now. I’m told that this is possible to change, I just don’t know when/if it will make it into the firmware yet.

As for an override of a physical sensor, this may be near impossible since this is an actual hardware feature, not just software and overriding it could cause more confusion than not. I’ll bring it up but can’t promise anything there.

We appreciate your continued feedback and ideas, thanks to all who have helped make a contribution so far!

*Icky Details*
As Of Today…
-Gen1 Orbit (WT-25) timers will be version 33.
-Gen1 HydroRain (HRC-400) timers are a bit trickier. They are on 45 and they have Bluetooth enabled but we ran into issues with the Bluetooth chip with some phones and basically did an about face on that. The path now to upgrade is first a downgrade to 31 which disables the Bluetooth then we can upgrade to the latest Gen1 Orbit firmware. There’s very little benefit, it was intended for contractors to be able to program the timer from the phone without WiFi, since yours is already connected to WiFi the Bluetooth isn’t necessary and future pairing is done over WiFi. IIF YOUR TIMER IS WORKING FINE & YOU DON’T HAVE A RAIN SENSOR, I’d just let it ride and not worry about it, you’re not missing out on anything.
-Gen2 Oribt/HydroRain (WT-25G2) timers will be version 38 (Yes, there’s overlap in the numbers for the Gen1 & Gen2 so we need to know which one it is and we can tell that by your MAC Address.)

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