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Josh Kirk

Hey Michael,
Thanks for all your great questions and feedback! We’re glad you’re doing your best to try and conserve water with your B-hyve timer.

In answer to your questions regarding “tweaking the settings” to conserve more water, within smart watering your water levels are based on what you put into your advanced settings (soil type, sprinkler type, ect.). If you feel that your system is getting too much or too little water you can adjust these settings further using our help page at
This explains what each setting in the advanced settings are, as well as, how changing them will impact your watering.

Regarding your question on rain sensors, having a sensor installed will only shut the water off if it gets to a certain amount of rainfall that is determined by your sensor. It will not tell the system that there isn’t any rain. However, the timer will check the previous weather history as well to track rainfall from the previous day and it will implement that into the future schedule.

The water restrictions only tell the timer not to water during that time, it won’t have an effect on the algorithm.

Thanks for your feedback regarding the ability to set specific times in the app! We will pass this on to our development team!

Let us know if you have any other concerns or questions!

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