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Josh Wheeler


Ryan has gone back to school and isn’t with us anymore.

I see you have one hub and three timers and you noted that you are receiving two notifications per timer.

In the notifications list, do they all specify the same device name twice too or are the device names different or the same on them all?

When this happens next could you capture a screen shot and post it here?

One thing you could try if you haven’t already is to go into each device and disable all notifications one-by-one and then disable notifications altogether and then re-enable them and see if this resets them so you only get one per timer. I’ve seen this work in the past.

If you get delays regularly maybe disable all but one device and see what happens. If it fixes it then enable one more and then one more. If it doesn’t fix it then maybe we can look at just the one device to see if we can figure out why. Just trying to figure out what combination of settings or changes might cause them to be duplicated.


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