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Josh Wheeler


I updated your hub firmware to the latest and checked the timers.

They respond most of the time but they are defaulting to the Off mode. This is an indication that the battery is too low to remain in Auto mode. Unfortunately, there is still a bug in the hub firmware that we’re working on ironing out that causes the hub to not report the correct battery percent to the server and subsequently to the app so what I see from here is probably inaccurate.

The timer named “Landscaping Right” is showing 7%, which is too low to operate the valve and I’m guessing that percent is a bit outdated too and that the others are probably pretty close to similar to that one (not knowing anything at all really, just a guess).

Here’s how you can tell for sure though. Get in close proximity to each timer and then open the app and switch to the one you’re nearest to and tap the Network Icon in the upper left corner of the app then tap on Connect Via Bluetooth. This will connect the phone directly to the timer if it is able or has enough battery power left, once it is connected the timer will report it’s battery percent to the app which will also update the server with the correct amount. Repeat these steps for each timer to check the current battery percent.

The timers have a safety mechanism that disables the valve from opening if the battery percent is at or below 15%. This is to make sure that there is enough battery power to close the valve after watering has completed. If any of your batteries are close or below this amount it’s time to replace them.

If this does not resolve the issue please let us know and we’ll look into it more.

Thank you!

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