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I tried to access the timer via bluetooth via the technique you suggested and this only worked intermittently. It then listed the timer as having 0% battery life (even though these batteries were changed < 1 week ago). I deauthorized the timer, replaced the batteries with new batteries, and re-installed the timer. Again, when I connected via bluetooth it would connect but indicated a 0% battery life. When connected via bluetooth it would successfully trigger a test, but if I try to connect via Wifi it times out.

Even with installing and reinstalling the timers every few weeks, I have had some version of this happen with both of the timers since I bought them this spring and it has been incredibly infuriating. The battery issue is new, but the inability to connect reliably is persistent.

Please let me know what my next course of action is. I am happy to discuss over the phone if you’d like to contact me via email. Thanks.

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