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I am very disappointed in this product and and the support for it. I will be returning it to Bunnings very shortly and posting a negative review on ProductReview outlining my experience.

To summarise, I bought three tap timers and a hub just over a month ago and set them up for smart watering as per the instructions. The smart watering only ever fired on one tap timer (the first one I set up) with the other two sending alerts they were due to operate but never actually turned on. After calling the help line the local rep came out to check the set up but could not resolve the issue.

I then posted on this forum and after two weeks got a response. By this time I have given up on the smart watering and had set up manual programs on all the timers. The result was much the same as the smart watering in that only one timer would fire (the first one I set up) while the other two said they were due to operate but failed to do so.

I replied to the forum master who offered to look at the timers for me but have had no response in 10 days.

As it has rained steadily here for the last few days I turned off the manual watering programs meaning the timers should not fire at all as there are no programs active. The one timer that was working is now going off every day (even though there are no programs active) and there is no way to stop it other than turning the tap off.

The last straw is that when I went to use the app this morning it is failing with a bad gateway (502) error.

Your company has ruined a great product through its incompetent programming and non existent user support.

I would dearly love for this to work as advertised as I think it is a great concept but unless there are major changes in the next few days I will forced to go with something else to meet my irrigation needs.


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