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Josh Wheeler


ROBMEHRER is correct, to be clear though, this is a requirement from Apple, not us.

But… there are whisperings of change, nothing we’re hanging our hat on yet but here’s some info that could make our Gen1 timers eligible for HomeKit too, which we’d be absolutely stoked over if it ever gets off the ground and supports our devices.
This is a random link I found doing a Google search for “HomeKit without MFI chip”:

…”He then dropped the bombshell: “Starting with iOS 11, we are now introducing an alternate method to authenticate HomeKit accessories. Now accessories can be authenticated by software!” he said with a flourish, eliciting a small smattering of applause. “This provides a great option to enable HomeKit and shipping accessories that can be upgraded to HomeKit.”

He concluded: “We will be sharing more information about the implementation later,” before moving on to the next topic.”…

This has zero impact on our current direction, we are still full steam ahead on MFI verification and still including them on future design specs too because we have not been given any official information or technical details on the software verification from Appple. Which means that for now our Gen1 timers are still not supported by HomeKit. ­čÖü Sorry

Thanks everyone for your comments and understanding even though it is frustrating. In the meantime we hope that you’re happy with the value your B-hyve timer brings to you and your yard.

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