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Josh Wheeler


I looked at your timer and it says it is currently in an Auto Freeze Delay for one more day.

It also has the latest version firmware on it so that’s good.

I went ahead and did a Sync & Refresh on it too, just to be sure that everything is up to the latest info.

Unfortunately I can’t see the weather station info from our web dashboard, if you’d like to share the timer with me I could then. This is revocable at anytime by you too. If so, let me know and I’ll send you an email on how to proceed with this.

I am not an expert on but I have added our own station here at Orbit to it and selected it as my station and here’s what I can say about that. If the station isn’t reliable, by PWSWeather’s standards anyway, they will not show it as available. How they determine that is not 100% clear to me but I have had our station go offline before and I lost my station settings. I don’t know if this is what’s happening to you or not but it’s a possibility. Also, the station you select is used for historical what just happened and what do we do next calculations only. The main source of forecast data still comes from Aeris and/or NOAA. The two are combined to make adjustments based on what was forecast (Aeris) and what actually happened locally (the PWS you selected) and then applied to the next programs to be run. I’ll verify this but my understanding is that if the local PWS is not available we’ll still use Aeris data to calculate smart watering programs, we won’t leave you hanging.

Yes, is much more limited compared to Wunderground, my take on that is this is because fewer PWS manufacturers build in integration and to get it there easily requires you to purchase a $200 module if it is compatible with your PWS, if not you’re going to have to run some application on your PC that is receiving your own PWS data and then push it to It’s a whole complicated thing that we don’t have time for here. But I get why there are fewer choices and I’m advocating for adding Wunderground support but it takes a little time and Wunderground is changing their policies and API access rules too so we’ll have to see what they come up with.

I know I didn’t completely answer everything but I hope it did give a little insight into what is going on and why.

If there’s anything else we can do please let us know.



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