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Hi. I am getting the blinking white light. Here is how I got to this point:

– Put batteries in the timer.
– Logged into the app and connected to the device (it connected successfully)
– As soon as it connected it said there was a firmware upgrade and directed me to do that. So I did.
– It got to “Upgrading 0%” – I realize it is Bluetooth and slow so I waited. I waited for over an hour.
– Eventually I had to go and take my phone with me.

Now the device is blinking the white light. When I open the app here is what happens:
– It tries to connect but says “Your Bluetooth device is currently disconnected.” It has a reconnect button. I press it.
– “It looks like your timer is still not connected.” – I take the batteries out; replace them with new ones. Press the reconnect button on my app.
– Press the on/off button 5 times as directed (it does nothing). The reconnect button on the app does nothing as well. I press the ignore button.
– Go to settings>Devices>MAC address device>Update Firmware>Continue> – Connecting… – Then is shows a screen that rapidly blinks and says Update failed. Restarting…

Not really sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

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