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Alberto Swett

I’ve connected 6 timers and a hub so far for a new drip system I’m installing. One of the timers kept getting disconnected all of the time. Under devices, my other timers show a green button that says “Control This Device”, but the one having problems only says “Control Via Bluetooth”. I also noticed that for some reason, it wasn’t associated to a device group like the others. I tried “Reset Device Connection” and that seemed to allow me to connect and test the timer and new drip system. But kept getting disconnected. I then tried to “Deauthorize Device” and it said I would have to re-pair the device. Once I did that I’ve been unable to pair the device again. I get the error: “Uh oh, The device appears to have connected to the B-hyve server. but we are unable to register the device with your account. The device may be associated with another account. (which is not)”. Also says to call support at an 800 number that drops the call. When I visit though, I oddly only see one of my timers listed under devices and it’s not the faulty one. It’s the first one I installed, all others are missing including the hub.

Lastly, I’ll point out that during the timer pairing process, at end when it tries to associate a device group I got an error for each timer that it was not able to add to a device group. But hitting the back button all the way back and in settings showed that it did work; for all except the one that was causing problems.

Per this topic, I think what needs to happen is that my device needs to be deleted from the server so I can pair it again. MAC address is: 44:67:55:11:A3:1A. Would someone kindly delete it for me?


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