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Alberto Swett

OK, so apparently no one from Orbit Support reviews posts here as there have been no replies in several weeks on many posts. Additionally calls to the 800 number results in hanging-up on the caller when asking for Support with a suggestion to come to this site. The only way I can solve my problem (sadly) is simply to return the product to Amazon as defective product and order a new one.

Suggestion: Enable self help. I should be able to login to and reset my own device. Instead, when I go there I only see one of my 7 devices and not the one I need to reset. And when trying to pair again on my Android, system cannot detect that my account was the account that previously registered the device and requires an actual employee at Orbit to manually run a command to delete it. But there is no access to contact support for it’s like a black hole where customers are left to fend for themselves.

I really want to love these products, cause when they work they work great, but these issues are really making it hard.

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