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It was just an example. It’s not about to have 26 different program’s, but more than 3. I have 4 yards to irrigate, with different sizes.

Also I could use some more program’s for another irrigation of my vegetables bed and flower bed with other tube sizes.

A – 25 min at 4:00am
B – 15 min at 4:30am
C – 10 min at 4:50am
D – 20 min at 5:10am

E – 10 min at 6:00am flowers
F – 15 min at 6:30am vegetables

G – 20 min at 8:00pm
H – 10 min at 8:30pm
I – 5 min at 8:50pm
J – 15 min at 9:10pm

K – 5 min at 9:30pm flowers
L – 10 min at 9:40pm vegetables

This could manage 1 faucet timer. I have a tube changer installed for 6 tubes. When the pressure falls down under 0.2 bar it change to next tube. So next set program would use the next tube line then.

When I could also set more zones instead of only 1 with 1 faucet timer, then it would be possible to define my yards and beds for 1 faucet timer. I would see then different statistics about how many water would have been irrigated per zone.

There are way more possibilities with this faucet timer.

I have a manually china product where I can set 16 different programs, but it’s only manually no wifi connection. That’s why I like your product.

6er Changer

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