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I wonder if, for those experiencing this problem, it might be lie with what they’re using for WiFi access points or routers? Or how they’re being used?

Our B-hyve connected right up with our AP (Access Point). While we were away on vacation a big storm came through, resulting in four power disruptions in 25 minutes, each lasting 10-60 seconds. The timer reconnected to the AP each time.

One difference may well be that our AP is on a UPS, so the AP, itself, never went down. That means that, as soon as the B-hyve controller came back up, it could immediately reconnect. Also, it’s a pro-grade AP, not a consumer-grade WiFi router or whatever our ISP chose to provide.

STEVEN, perhaps one thing to have your engineers look at is what the B-hyve does when it tries to reconnect to a formerly-configured/-connected WiFi AP, it gets power-cycled, and cannot see said WiFi network right away. Does it continue looking for it, until re-configured to do otherwise, or does it time out and give up after a time? Perhaps too short a time?

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