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I’ve seen in other posts, while trying to resolve other issues with my timer, that they will push an update down to your device if requested. You need to provide the MAC address in your request so they know which device you’re referring to. I’m also heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, so find the bugs in the iOS app disappointing. Here’s another little flaw that I discovered this morning when I awoke to find the b-hyve timer yet again disconnected from my WiFi network. The iOS app has a button and menu item called “Connect Bluetooth”. I made the wrong assumption that it meant connect another bluetooth device to the timer. However, the same functions on the Samsung app say, “Control via Bluetooth”. I found I could actually get to the timer that way and stop the “Not-So-Smart” watering cycle that began this morning even though we had severe thunderstorms all evening yesterday including torrential downpours for hours. I have the external rain sensor connected to the timer, and it eventually realized after 10 minutes that it didn’t need to water, but then got stuck in a loop while attempting to stop it, opening and closing all of the valves over and over and causing vicious water hammer in the process. That happened in the second go around as well. Even though it eventually tried to cancel the first cycle, it apparently wasn’t smart enough to realize it didn’t need to run the second cycle either. At least that time I was ready to hit the stop button in the app. I’m hoping maybe the 0026 update addresses that, but I’ll keep breathing while I wait to find out. ­čÖé I agree with JerryB that it would be great if we could update the firmware via the web app.

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