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I upgraded to the 4 program Orbit B-Hyve from the 3 program Orbit B-Hyve. Reason I upgraded was that the older 3 program B-Hyve had major issues with wi-fi connectivity. No matter what firmware upgrades were done the wi-fi was an issue. But I liked what the B-Hyve could do. So I upgraded…the wi-fi issues with the 4 program B-Hyve are resolved BUT now I’m having a fault warning to do with the pump start. It’s an intermittent fault warning. If I try turning on the unit again it will start watering. It’s annoying that if in auto mode with an early morning start time I don’t see the fault warning until later.
After reading several threads on the pump fault warning it seems that the current draw could be the issue. But this fault never appeared on my previous old 3 program controller.
I can’t believe that Orbit cannot design and manufacture a product that actually works.
Any help appreciated

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