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I found the “hasn’t responded within 30 seconds” error on the weekend after installing a new zone with a new controller. I don’t think my phone was getting very good wifi at that point. When I walked closer to the house to ‘test’ my new zone, I did not get the error. Only when I walked to the far end of the garden, away from the wifi router, did I get this message. Ordinarily I don’t get this message as I’m using the app closer to the house. Also my phone will auto-switch to 5G when wifi starts to drop-off, by choice, nowadays due to 5G being very fast, and having a ridiculous data plan, so I don’t forcefully make my phone use wifi. Happy for it to switch to 5G. Only some things relating to home networking like bhyve will ultimately get confused as to whether it’s connecting via wifi directly, or whether it should be connecting via the remote bhyve servers. Are you sure you were within range of your wifi and your phone not switching in and our of 4G/5G?