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This forum never gets Orbit’s replies. They were many hundreds of posts in the “old forums” from customers that had bought the faucets based on Orbit previously advertising that they will work to make them function as zones. But then that flipped around and now they’re saying they never said that and never will. Then they deleted the old community forums with zero notice to us users. You tell me whether or not that’s to erase all history of the false claims they made to their loyal users? Either way, this is the new community orbit forum they provide for us, where no Orbit support person ever participates in.

We are well aware that there’s other controllers out there. The issue being that if you’ve already invested in the Orbit system, and just have a little bit more to expand to complete your property, then you may as well stick with the one platform. Unless you do a complete replacement over your installation of course. I think you need something for your homeowners association with some real product support. BHyve seems to be very much in a declining state, as if Orbit was bought out by an investment holding company and they axed feature development many years ago.