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Once the hose timer is in the state of flashing white led for a long time, the unit is “bricked” and can’t be fixed by customers. In this state, pulling the batteries has no effect and pushing the reset button (five times) won’t work. It seems this failure is that the firmware has been erased and so the boot loader can’t restart the timer.

I think the way to avoid this problem is to have your phone connected to a 2.4G wireless network before installing the timer. From conversations with a knowledgeable customer support person at obit (!) I learned that the timer inherits the wifi settings from the phone during setup. In my case, I now have pretty good coverage at 5G and had my phone on that network.

Part of my confusion is that the timer does have wifi… I thought it connects to the wifi hub via bluetooth.

Obviously, the app should determine whether the network is suitable for the timer, else fail out of the setup process. Also, the timer shouldn’t delete the current firmware image until it verifies the downloaded code, or at least it could test the wifi connection before committing to the update.

When I get the next replacement timer, I will see if setting the phone to 2.4G network works as expected.

It would be nice if customer service could chime in on this discussion.