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I finally got it to work!

Background: I just purchased the B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with WiFi Hub. I followed the setup instructions which worked until the firmware update step on the Smart Hose Timer. The device was stuck in an “update” mode with the intermittent blinking white light. I tried resetting, removing the device, connecting with bluetooth, etc. WCHERTKO’s post suggested that the firmware update will work on Android — I had been using iOS (iPhone).

The Fix: I booted an old android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7), downloaded the B-hyve app and logged in. The app automatically had my devices listed and I selected the Smart Hose Timer — it took a moment for the bluetooth to connect — and then I selected firmware update. This time, the update actually worked! It took a few minutes with the progress bar/upload process — but when the firmware update completed, the blinking light switched to the “Searching for Hub” sequence (blue/yellow). I went outside, reinstalled the pump on the hose, and then used my iPhone to try to connect. Although it listed the device, the Smart Hose Timer was offline and would not connect to bluetooth control. I noted that the WiFi Hub was connected and working well. I pressed the button on the Smart Hose Timer five times to reset the timer to factor/make it re-pair. The light switched to blinking blue (unprovisioned mode) after flashing orange for a few seconds. I tried connecting again and it did not work until I tried to “add a device” – the plus sign. I first chose the option with the timer and the hub… but that did not work because it looks for the hub first and the hub was already connected. I then chose the option with only the smart timer (gen1) and it immediately said, is this the device you want to connect showing the Mac address. I said yes and the new timer went through its calibration and setup process and replaced the old device entry. So, I ended up with the right number of devices and entries in the end. Everything seems to work great now. I tested it for a few minutes!

I hope this helps Orbit and everyone else!