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FOLLOW-UP and a question from chat with customer support. Judean advises that the fix and the firmware update will come before Monday 15 May. However, Judean dropped me from the chat and did not answer my two remaining questions. 1) How will it be implemented? 2) Will somone need to be onsite with the hose monitors for them to update and then properly connect to the B-hyve hub and the app? Like CRPECK (posting above) I likely will not be at the house when the update arrive, and need to water the garden remotely. Does anyone know if the update can be pushed to an wonky, intermittent connection with the current firmware? If I wipe the information relating to these monitors, and don’t use the auto-install update, then the hub and the 21005 facet timer maintain a connection that goes on and off, cycling through this every few seconds. Will that brief connection form enough of a connection to permit the firmware fix to be started and then implemented?