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I was able to sit on the phone with tech support. I’m not sure I trust their advice on this but I can tell you what we did. For the specific garden zone(s), we did the following:

Go to the “smart zone details” section.
We changed “Soil Type” to Unknown and adjusted the basic intake rate to .40 in/hr (it goes to .60 in/hr) so adjust as needed.
For “Plant Type” he said “Shrubs/Perennials” were the right option.
–Here you’ll need to adjust the root depth of your plants. Take an average or even the deepest ones. Tomatoes and such can go pretty deep. I planted them deep so I put 10″ but adjust to your needs.
“Sprinkler Type” we selected Drip. For the “application rate”, you’ll need to calculate the total run of each zone and determine how much water it puts down. My drip tape told me it was X”/100′ or something like that. adjust the rate/hr to match your drip hose.
“Sunlight” adjust for your locale and specify the direct sunlight in the option below. I’m in CA so the sun beats down on it all day 10+ hrs.
Adjust the “Rainfall” setting to match your locale. Mine is full exposure to sun and rain.
Adjust the “Slope” to match your locale. Mine is flat.
For “Head Count”, it doesn’t matter as much according to the tech. The real setting for this was the “intake rate/hr” that you set before. Mine is set to 20 for no real reason.

Now the garden zone(s) are all set to run at 4:30 AM every day for a period of time, along with other zones. If you set the “smart watering” option, it will cancel the watering on rainy days and adjust up or down based on the weather. You should keep track of the zone “soil moisture” percentage which is adjustable. Check it out per day for the first bit and then once you have the approximate percentage dialed in, it will maintain that for you. It appears to be iterative and adjust as you provide more input.

Hope this helps man. Good luck. This is a pretty cool system to avoid watering on rainy days. I noticed my garden did great last year and is already looking good this year.

Keep us posted.

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