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I am having a similar problem. I noticed about a week ago that my watering history was not being recorded properly, and looking back it appears that it has been a problem since I first turned on the system in mid May (after winter shut-down). I run “Smart Watering” exclusively (no programs).

Having said that, the controller appears to be scheduling and watering appropriately using Smart Watering, it’s just that the history is not recording properly. I have five stations and using yesterday as an example, I know all five stations watered yet only station 3 recorded any watering history.

I also manually watered a few stations for a short time to test if that history would be recorded, and it was not.

Ironically, I have a second controller at my vacation home in Arizona that I control through the same app on the same iPhone device. This controller also exclusively uses “Smart Watering” and operates year round. It only has two stations, but the watering history appears to be recording properly, although I am not physically there to validate when actual watering is being done and if all of it is being recorded in the watering history.

I have seen others suggest deleting the app and reinstalling the app as a possible solution, but I was reluctant to take the chance that I would lose access to my watering station info or to my account information, so have not tried anything other than powering the controller down by unplugging it. I suspect this is not an issue one can remedy themselves and instead will require a new app release or Firmware download when available.

I installed this controller a year ago and it worked flawlessly the first year. I installed my second controller (in Arizona) in August 2022 and as mentioned, it appears to still be functioning flawlessly.