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I’m just here to report the same issue. Just installed mine on 5/28, and all the tests I ran that day while taking photos of the zones and counting sprinkler heads RECORDED in the watering history.

Yesterday, 5/29, I ran a manual program. I visually saw all the stations work as intended. Yet only one (station 4) recorded in the watering history. If you pull up the individual “zone detail” screen in the app, it does have yesterday’s watering as the “last watering.” But nothing shows up on the “watering History” screen or bar graph.

Now all my stations are showing below 30%, we are in drought level 2, yet smart watering wants to wait until 6/5 to run again. So I’m extra confused… if the app didn’t record yesterday’s watering event shouldn’t it be chomping at the bit to water today?

And to add to the confusion, when I went to bed last night it did say it was going to water this morning, but when I woke up it was delayed by a 30% chance of rain today (that never came) AND reset the “next watering” to 6/5 (like 6 days away). Why wouldn’t it just delay 24 hours to tomorrow?

I’m going to switch everything to manual, but I was really hoping this smart watering thing would work. Did it used to? I’m new to the product.