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Just adding some clarity to my previous post. The only water history I get is if I manually “test’ a zone. That gets logged in the history and has a measurable impact on the App’s display of my soil moisture.

What does not get captured in the watering history for me are: 1.) Smart Watering, 2.) Program Slot schedules. I have not verified whether Smart Watering is taking place or not. I have verified that Program Slot watering does work as scheduled, but it has no impact on the App’s computation of soil moisture content and does not appear in my watering history.

Based on all the information presented above by users, old, new and reset systems, it appears to me that Orbit will have to fix something and one post above indicates they know about it and are working on it. Perhaps there is a “break” in communication or data access with their cloud service provider (AWS, Microsoft, etc.) and the computations are simply not running for all users as they once were.